150 Funny Elevator Jokes


Time to take another look at the elevator. Who knew something as mundane as the elevator could serve as more than a means of transportation?

The elevator is not just a box you ride up and down the building, and you’re not just a passenger in it. The walls have ears, the floors have legs and anything can happen in between.

This is the world of jokes where we turn things on their heads and squeeze out a laugh or two.

In this article, we present to you, 150 jokes for your delight. They are made of wordplays and puns on words and ideas. They have been wrought from every imaginable angle to make you laugh.

Take a moment to pause. The elevator is watching too.

Now, get on…

150 Elevator Jokes

  1. The elevator broke up with his girlfriend

It couldn’t commit to one floor.

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. The elevator says he’s weary. Of life’s ups and downs.


  1. Therapy isn’t working for the elevator’s weariness. The therapist’s office is at the uppermost floor.


  1. The elevator is always late. It’s weighed down by heavy issues.


  1. The ghost won’t get on the elevator. It’s afraid of being stuck between floors.


  1. Have you met a polite elevator? It’s always ready to lift people up.


  1. What would it be if an elevator had a favorite song?

Something Happened on The Way to Heaven.

  1. An elevator never gets lonely. It’s always up for a lift.


  1. To make an elevator laugh, push its buttons.


  1. The elevator broke up with its girlfriend because it couldn’t handle her weight anymore.


  1. An elevator chose gardening to see how far it could raise the climbing plants.


  1. An elevator’s favorite type of music? Lift music!


  1. The elevator wanted to stop going solo, so it started a rock band.


  1. What will an elevator never see? Inside the rooms.


  1. An elevator’s favorite game? Floor-et!


  1. If an elevator ever makes it to heaven, it would be because of all the spirits it has lifted.


  1. If an elevator has a sense of humor, is it a stand-up lift?


  1. The elevator and the vacuum cleaner broke up: because their relationship sucked.


  1. The elevator is always stressed: because of all the pressing engagements.


  1. The elevator said to the skyscraper: “I look up to you.”

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. The elevator is feeling self-conscious after the repairs, it’s the presence of all the people.


  1. The elevator is starring in its own action film: “Rising to the occasion: The Lift Chronicles.”


  1. The elevator joined the gym to work on its lifts, and get that springy tone.


  1. The elevator and the pogo stick are in a debate: who’s got the best bounce or the best lift?


  1. You can tell the elevator is losing track of its floors of thought.


  1. If an elevator is afraid of heights, you can call it a ground floor enthusiast.


  1. The elevator in my office building joined the choir. It could hit high notes.


  1. A high class elevator walked into a restaurant and asked for an elevated cuisine.


  1. Have you heard about the elevator who became a detective? It wanted to solve the mystery of the missing floors.


  1. An elevator and a coffee maker on a date; they’re talking about taking things to the next level and a steamy romance.


  1. What goes up but doesn’t come down? A proud elevator with a degree.

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. An elevator joined a yoga class to learn how to elevate its inner peace.


  1. The elevator in my building is nervous. What with all the butterflies from going up and down.


  1. The elevator in my building packed up today. It’s taking time off to work through all its vertical issues.


  1. The easiest way to lose weight is by becoming an elevator; all the running up and down the building is one hell of a cat burner.


  1. The elevator said, “I don’t need gravity to bring me down. Just press the button.”


  1. After three years on the job and five promotions, the elevator said to its partner: “Looks like we’re really going up in the world.”


  1. The elevator and the escalator broke up: their relationship wasn’t going anywhere.


  1. The elevator is coming to get you: it knows all your faces.


  1. The elevator looked at the ladder and said, “You do have a strong back.”


  1. In a blackout, one elevator said to the other, “Looks like we are stuck in the dark together. It’s going to be an illuminating experience.”


  1. At the mall, an elevator said to a robot, “Step aside, I’m the real lifting machine around here.”


  1. The jealous elevator is looking at the sky, staring at the airplane: it can only dream of those heights.


  1. What did the elevator say to the vending machine?

You keep dropping snacks, but I’ve got a real knack for lifting spirits!

  1. What’s the elevator doing in front of the mirror?

It’s reflecting on how to elevate its appearance.

  1. What’s the difference between an elevator and a watch? Nothing. They both count steps.


  1. The elevator is at the art gallery looking at elevating masterpieces.


  1. The elevator and an architect should be friends. They both should study how to elevate their design game.


  1. The elevator is seeing a therapist because it’s experiencing elevated levels of anxiety.


  1. Uplifting humor…that’s the kind of comedy you get in an elevator.

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. Amidst all the ups and downs, can we say an elevator is the best place to meditate?


  1. The faulty elevator said to the thunderstorm, “Looks like we’re both experts at making a little noise.”


  1. A retiring elevator must have a lot of uplifting stories to tell about people.


  1. The philanderer was asked by the assassin, “Who should I shoot first: your therapist or your side chick?”

He said, “The elevator.”

  1. The elevator said to the thermostat, “Keep your cool. I’ve got the heat covered with my up-lifting services.”


  1. The elevator broke up with the scale last night.


Too many weighty issues.

  1. The elevator said to the refrigerator, “You may be cool, but I lift people up for a living.”


  1. The elevator walked into the party last night. It said the party was too dull. “I have come to lift it up.”


  1. Shane says he knows how to handle women. “Simple,” he says, “It’s like the elevator. There’s buttons for up, and buttons for down. Always press buttons for up.”


  1. The elevator said to the mirror, “Reflect on this: rise to the occasion, like me.”


  1. The elevator said to a spider trying to hitch a ride, “You are too much of a web weight.”


  1. The elevator in my office building is learning Spanish.


So it can say, “Accentor,” instead of, “Elevator.”

  1. What’s an elevator’s favorite mode of transportation?

A lift-share.

  1. The elevator refused to carry the potato.


Because it was too much of a ‘tater’ tot.

  1. In an argument with a smartphone, the elevator said, “You might have apps. But I’ve got lifts.”


  1. The elevator is at the hospital seeing a doctor.


It’s something about its elevated heart rate.

  1. In an argument with another elevator, the other one said, “It’s okay if you don’t agree with me. Let’s just meet in the middle.”


  1. The elevator in my building is taking selfies.


It’s about keeping the elevated memories.

  1. The elevator is afraid of the fire alarm.


Because it might get caught in a hot situation.

  1. The elevator said to its inventor, “Thanks for giving me the lift I needed in life.”


  1. The elevator walked into the gym and announced, “All you lazy people, I’m here to help with lifting the weights.”

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. We don’t know who is happier, the elevator that’s doing the lifting, or the people it’s lifting.

I guess we’ll never know.

  1. During rush hour, one elevator said to the other, “Looks like we have to talk about how to lift our game today.”


  1. The elevator said to the mountain climber, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you to new heights.”


  1. The elevator wanted to go to space.


Because it read about the zero gravity in weightlessness. It wanted to experience it too.

  1. What did the elevator say to the sad crossword puzzle?

“I’ve got all the clues to lifting your spirit.”

  1. The elevator got a pet dog. It said, “Even I need my spirits elevated sometimes.”


  1. The elevator said to the ghost, “Boo-tiful day for a ride, eh.”


  1. The elevator tried to get a job at the circus.


It was trying to replace the tired rollercoaster. It thinks it can do a better job at lifting people up and down.

  1. What did the elevator say to the birthday cake?

“You are nothing but sugar. But I’m here to do the real job of making people happy by lifting their spirits.”

  1. The elevator is looking for a job at the beach.


The surfers keep falling off the tall waves. The elevator thinks it has the solution.

  1. What did the elevator say to the skyscraper?

“I need a raise. My job is hard.”

  1. A group of elevators came together to start a podcast.


They have many uplifting stories to share.

  1. What’s an elevator’s favorite fruit?

Cantaloupe. Because it hangs over the ground, elevated.

  1. What was the elevator’s advice to the stressed employee?

“Try mindfulness. It will help you find peace in the midst of the ups and downs.”

  1. What did one elevator say to another on Valentine’s day?

“I know you can lift me off the floor. But can you swing me around?”

  1. What did the elevator say at the interview to join the choir?

“I can hit the high notes like no other.”

  1. What did the ceiling say to the elevator?

“You can only look up to me. But you may never attain my height.”

  1. The elevator is joining politics.


It thinks the political discourse needs some elevation.

  1. In a conversation with a bird perched on the roof the elevator said, “Tweet-tweet, looks like we are both experts at flying high.”


  1. The elevator advised me to plant a coconut tree.


To teach me to always aim high.

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. The elevator was having a conversation with the repairman.

What did it say?

It told the repairman, “Thanks for keeping me in tiptop shape. I’ve got a lot of lifting to do.”

  1. The elevator is arguing with the fire extinguisher again.


It’s always about who’s the real lifter.

  1. The elevator is at the anniversary party again.


Just to prove how much of a party lifter it is.

  1. The elevator is starting a book club.


It recognizes the uplifting effect of reading books.

  1. What did the elevator say to the man who tried to jump off the roof of the skyscraper?

“Get down here this minute! I won’t be a party to this foolishness!”

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. The skyscraper and the elevator are going at each other. The skyscraper says it can do without the elevator.

The elevator: “Who are you going to call? The ladder?”


  1. The elevator walked out of a meeting with the skyscraper and the parking lot. It says it wanted to shed some weight.


  1. The elevator said to the nervous passenger, “Don’t worry, I have nerves of steel and a heart that lifts.”


  1. During the covid lockdown, the elevator shared books to passengers saying, “A book a day keeps the blues away.” How uplifting!


  1. The elevator to the umbrella: “What are you doing?”

Umbrella: “Sheltering my passenger.”

Elevator: “But can you lift his spirit?”

  1. The elevator and the escalator went into business together: the escalator brings the low people; the elevator elevates their spirit.


  1. The elevator said to the hot air balloon, “What else do you do than hide people? Do you take them up to their places?”


  1. Did you hear the elevator became a life coach?

No. Why?

It thinks life coaching is about knowing how to press the right buttons.

  1. What’s the difference between an astronaut and an elevator?

With the elevator you come back to earth the same way.

  1. How’s the elevator a better friend?

It knows how to lift you up on your worst days. Very supportive.

  1. Who did the disgruntled elevator call?

The power company.


To teach passengers a little lesson about gratitude.


  1. What did the elevator say to the procrastinator?

“Looks like you’re taking the stairs today. You need to learn a little lesson about success.”

  1. The elevator comes down panting. It sees the elevator scoffing at it. Elevator says, “Don’t look at me like that; I go up and down all day, you slide.”


  1. What did the elevator say to the spider in the corner?

“Rent is due.”

  1. What did the elevator say to the old man?

“Use the stairs. Come on, go on, one step at a time.”

  1. At the college valedictory speech, the elevator began its speech by saying, “Dear elevated minds…”


  1. The elevator looked at the mountain and said, “So basically, you’ve never heard of hydraulics.”


  1. The school counselor recommends the next counseling session be held in the elevator. His reason? “All that up and down motion, there ought to be some lesson in there.”


  1. The reflective panels in the elevator told the mirror in the hotel’s bathroom, “Hello, stationary friend. How’s business coming?”


  1. The Taichi man said to his students, “Become like an elevator. Find peace in the silence between floors, to elevate your mindfulness.”

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. What does the elevator do that a compass can’t?

An elevator on points north and south.

  1. The elevator said to the piano, “I’ve got the ultimate key to lifting people’s spirits.”


  1. What did the elevator say to the parachute?

“Isn’t it concerning that you don’t come back down the way you go up?”

  1. The elevator to surfers coming down a

100 feet wave: “Looks like you guys won’t be needing my service after all.”

  1. The elevator begins its speech at the charity ball, “As you all know, the purpose of this organization is to lift people’s hope…”


  1. What did the elevator say to the bellhop, “You do get paid a lot for what I do for free.”


  1. The elevator walks into the seminar and says, “Everyone get in here and let’s go for a motivating and uplifting ride.”


  1. What did the elevator say to the stairs?

“I get maintenance every two weeks. How about you?”

  1. What did the drunk man ask the elevator?

Do you do room deliveries?

  1. What did the elevator ask the delivery guy?

Do you have to come with the deliveries?

  1. The elevator tried to get a job at the circus as a magician.


It claimed he used to make people disappear between floors.

  1. The elevator said to the anxious rider: “Don’t worry. I’ve got your back, front, and sides.”


  1. The elevator broke up with the floor. It had something to do with arguments about too many opening and closing arguments.


  1. The elevator wanted to partner with the magician. It said, “You do the uplifting, I’ll do the elevating.”


  1. The elevator said to the airplane, “Do you do anything other than fly? I give lifts.”


  1. The elevator started a YouTube channel.


To share elevating stories from its experience.


  1. The elevator said to the lightbulb, “Let’s make the news.”

Lightbulb, “Okay, how, let’s hear it.”

Elevator, “Let’s scare our passengers.” It winks. “I’ll stop midfloor, and you’d go off.”

  1. The elevator to the janitor: “So you get paid to wipe the floor? Wow.”


  1. The elevator is getting a makeover.


It’s time to impress the passengers.

  1. What did the elevator say to the roller coaster? You may have loops, but I’ve got the ultimate lift-off experience!


  1. The elevator is sign language.


Since no passenger ever says anything to it, it thinks they’re all deaf and dumb.


  1. The elevator says to the stairs, “How does it feel to stand in one place year in year out?”

Stairs: “At least I get to admire shoes.”

  1. The elevator to a student learning how to write: “Remember, every word must be uplifting.”


  1. A man walks into the elevator from the rain, drenched. Elevator says, “Alright, Mr. Edmond, I’ve had enough. I’m taking you past your floor tonight.”


  1. To the clouds, the elevator said, “Looks like we’re both experts at floating.”

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. Mr. Edmond complains about depression. The elevator says, “You want my advice?”


“I recommend yoga.”


“It’s good for elevating you from your down moments.”

  1. The elevator asks the balloon, “What’s the difference between us?”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“I go up too, but unlike you, I don’t burst.”

  1. The elevator tried to get a job with the police department’s office. It said to the mayor, “Do you know why you should hire me?”

The sheriff says no.

Elevator whispers, “I know everyone.”

  1. Elevator says to Emily, “Do you know why Debra is getting a divorce?”

Emily says, “No.”

“Because I may be slow, but I get it up and down faster than Emily’s husband can ever do.”

  1. The elevator looks at the snail and says, “Here I thought I’d found someone to replace me. You should get a refund from God.”


  1. The elevator said to the engineer, “Can you change my panels from mirror to wood? I’m tired of being shown everything.”


  1. The elevator asks, “Hey, engineer, am I soundproof?”

Engineer says, “Nope.”

Elevator whines, “There goes my blackmail idea.”

  1. The elevator whispers in Mrs. Edmond’s ears, “I know what you did last night in here. I saw everything.”


  1. The elevator said to the coffee, “You know, I often wonder why people still mess with you. You’re bad for their health.”

“So are you. You eventually give them heart attacks.”

“But I’m the one who has to watch them talk to themselves and jitter.”

  1. The elevator saw Mr. Jeffries who just moved in down the hall. “Hey, Mr. Jeffries, it’s been a while.”

Jefferies says, “My health is failing so I’ve been taking steps to avoid a heart attack.”

  1. The elevator frowned at my stubborn neighbor’s son and said, “You definitely have not been raised right.”


  1. The elevator said to the drunk man, “At this level, you’d soon go down as my worst passenger.”


  1. When they got in the elevator the CEO asked Oliver, “What’s your story?”

Oliver: “Started from the bottom now I’m here.”

  1. The elevator gossips the lightbulb to the stairs. It says, “The lightbulb keeps coming down with something.”


  1. The elevator and the stairs argue.

Stairs says, “You have no descendants.”

  1. The elevator said to the stairs, “I might have to come down to you if you keep pushing my buttons!”


  1. “About the World Trade Center incident,” said the elevator that escaped, “That was a terrible incident on many levels.”


  1. The elevator said to the stairs, “Baby, I’m broken too, but I will never let you down.”

Funny Elevator Jokes

  1. These elevator jokes are uplifting. They really crack me up…and down.

Getting out…

…of the elevator. The smile on your face is a testament to the fact that elevators are not just fun to ride.

They can inspire laughter too. It is nice to know an everyday thing like the elevator holds secrets that can make you ponder on the lighter side of life.

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