Vacation Mad Libs (Free Printable)


Whether you’re planning a family road trip or jetting off on an international adventure, add some laughter to your travels with a vacation-themed Mad Lib.

Vacation Mad Libs

Filling in silly prompts is the perfect way to pass the time in the car or get excited for your trip.

What Are Mad Libs?

Mad Libs are a collaborative word game where players take turns filling in blanks of a story using parts of speech provided, without seeing the full context. When put together, the nonsense combinations create funny, unexpected tales guaranteed to give you grins.

How to Play

Playing Mad Libs is very simple. Simply print out our Vacation Mad Lib and ask your travel buddies to supply words corresponding to the parts of speech listed blank, without revealing the story. Trust me; this part of the game is just as entertaining as the final result.

Once all the blanks are filled, it’s time for the main event: reading the story aloud. Prepare to laugh hard at the hilarious tale you’ve just created!

Parts of Speech Cheat Sheet for Fill-in-the-blank

To help you choose the perfect words for our Vacation Mad Lib, here’s a quick rundown of some common parts of speech you’ll encounter:

  • Noun: A person, place, thing, or idea (e.g., beach, hotel, suitcase)
  • Verb: An action word (e.g., explore, relax, sunbathe)
  • Adjective: A word that describes a noun (e.g., sandy, luxurious, adventurous)
  • Adverb: A word that modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb, often ending in -ly (e.g., excitedly, peacefully, joyfully)
  • Plural Noun: More than one person, place, thing, or idea (e.g., souvenirs, beaches, activities)
  • Past Tense Verb: A verb that indicates an action that has already happened (e.g., traveled, discovered, enjoyed)

Vacation Mad Libs

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