50 Weeb Jokes That’ll Make You LOL


Weebs are folks who love Japan and anything Japanese—which includes anime and manga. They watch anime for a living. Most have never been to Japan but know more about the country than some who live there.

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Anime and manga exhibit some of the most beautiful stories in the world of entertainment.

It is only natural that we’d have adherents of the genre who religiously follow the trend.

Weebs even think they’re Japanese by association.

Like any fanatic lover of art and movies, they have their own quirks. Sometimes these quirks can be annoying. Sometimes they’re simply interesting to listen to and watch.

This joke article is dedicated to weebs—for the culture.


50 Weeb Jokes You’ll Love

1. How does a weeb propose to his girlfriend?

With a ringtone that says, “Will you be my kawaii waifu?”

Weeb Jokes

2. How does a weeb get to the waifus on the top shelf?

With a ladder.

3. What do you call a weeb with a cold? A snotty-kun.

4. How does a weeb think people in Japan settle disputes?

Through kumite.

5. What’s a weeb’s favorite type of exercise?


6. What’s the weeb’s pool filled with?

Rice water.

Weeb Jokes

7. The weeb goes about with a pencil.


Just in case he needs to draw attention.

8. The weeb is like an anime character.

Flawless skin and lots of plot twists.

9. What did the weeb say the first time his plane landed in Japan?

Yip yip!

10. What do you call the weeb who can’t stop talking about his favorite series?

A Naruto bore-to.

11. On the weeb’s first calculus class in a Japanese college, he gets up and shouts, “Kawaii-culus!”

Weeb Jokes

12. How does the weeb celebrate his birthday?

With a cake decorated with chibi characters.

13. Why did the weeb carry an umbrella?

He thought it was going to be ‘rainin’ anime boys.

14. The sushi said to the weeb: “Wasabi, my fellow otaku.”

15. The weeb thought cosplay was the square root of play.

16. What’s a weeb’s favorite dessert?

Mochi ice cream.

17. Did you see the weeb sulking outside the library?

Yes. Why?

He was caught manga-handling the books.

18. Beware of the weeb.


You will get a kawaii hug and a marathon of his favorite anime.

19. The weeb is always cold.


He’s ‘freezing’ his moments in time.

20. The weeb got fired from his delivery job.


He brought in a fujiwara tofu delivery truck.

21. The weeb is at the beach without his surfboard.


He thinks he can water-bend his way in and out.

22. Heard what the weeb said when he saw a ghost?

No. What’d he say?

“Yikes! It’s just like a filler episode!”

23. The weeb refused to share his anime collection.


Because he didn’t want to share his waifus.

24. The sushi said to the weeb at the restaurant: “Let’s roll with some raw emotions.”

25. The weeb interior guy said he’ll decorate my room “with posters, figurines and a touch of kawaii.”

Weeb Jokes

26. The weeb came to the comic con with a map.


Because he was looking for plot twists at every corner.

27. What’s a weeb’s favorite music?


28. My weeb friend came to dinner with chopsticks.


He said in case he needed to saber his food.

29. Me: how do you make your coffee?

Weeb: with a little latte love and a sprinkle of anime magic.

30. I asked the weeb who’s also the gardener here, “How’s the series coming?”

He said, “It’s blossoming nicely.”

31. You deleted a weebs anime collection?

It’s going to be a tragedy of epic proportions.

32. The weeb is in detention.


He kept drawing inappropriate fan art in class.

33. What’s a weeb’s favorite season?

Sakura season!

34. The weeb’s in the gym to work on his anime-tions.

35. I asked a weeb about his love life and he said, “I’m already in a kawaii relationship with waifu.”

36. Why didn’t the band let the weeb join them?

Because all he understands are notes.

37. What’s the weeb doing in the mirror?

Practicing his best tsundere expressions for his date.

38. Why did the weeb get kicked off his job at the zoo?

He won’t let the bison be. He kept trying to make the animal fly.

39. What did the sushi chef say to the weeb?

Arigato for sashimi-ing by!

Weeb Jokes

40. Why did the weeb join the debate team?

It was an opportunity for him to argue about the best waifu.

41. What did the weeb say to the fashion designer?

Can you make me an outfit that screams ‘senpai noticed me’?

42. How does a weeb apologize to his girlfriend? With a heartfelt “gomenasai” and a bouquet of sakura blossoms!

43. Why did the weeb become a chef? Because he wanted to master the art of “kawaii”-sine!

44. What’s a weeb’s favorite part of a pizza? The “moe-zzarella” cheese, of course!

45. Why did the weeb take up a job as a lifeguard? Because he wanted to save lives while looking like a “daijoubu” doing it!

46. The weeb’s always going about with a suitcase.


In case there’s an adventure to go on.

47. The weeb doesn’t like the picture I took.


Because there is no anime filter in it.

48. What did the weeb say to the cop during an arrest?


49. Met a weeb and he said he’d love to be buried in a rice paddy when he dies.


Nothing can be more Japanese, he said.

Weeb Jokes

50. A weeb was asked to show his best art work. He raised a picture of the Japanese flag.


Next time a weeb gets on your nerves with kawaii, or senpai, bring them back to earth with these lighthearted jokes.

Keep it respectful while doing so. Meanwhile, you too can get into the anime-manga fever by picking an interest. At jokefully we have nothing against weebs, or anything Japanese.


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